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What Can You Do at Myrtle Beach Virtual Reality?

Come alone, bring a friend, or bring a group to play, learn and explore in Virtual Reality ! Myrtle Beach VR is a Virtual Reality (VR) Arcade and Experience Center.
We offer VRexperiences and games for all ages and interests. From “active virtual reality” using state of the art treadmills with matching software for a truly 360 immersive experience to standing room scale experiences with hundreds of games to choose from.

What kind of Occasions are good for VR?

People are always looking for something fun and memorable to do. We think VR is a great experience to share for any and all of these occasions
No matter your experience level with technology or “video games” … if you are new to VR or technology or if you are an experienced gamer … we have something for everyone for any occasion. VR allows you to go to real or imaginary places and experience the universe in ways never before possible. Want to know more about VR or Myrtle Beach VR? Read our FAQ page. Or Book Now!


What is VR?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer generated simulation that immerses you with video, sound, and even haptics (touch). VR experiences can be educational or purely for entertainment, like gaming.

I am not a Gamer, is VR for me?

Absolutely!! If you enjoy film, music, or gaming, VR is for you. The VR experiences we offer include not only gaming but also immersive experiences that allow you to transport yourself into movies, new environments, and other planets. Because we offer both Active VR and Standing VR experiences, no matter your gaming level, Myrtle Beach VR has an experience you will love!

How do I book a VR Experience?

We have worked hard to make the process simple:
1- Go to our simple to use online booking system and:

1- Choose your experience, Active or Room Scale
2- Choose your day and time slot
3 -Submit Payment

2 -If you are new to Myrtle Beach VR, we kindly ask that you read and complete waiver at the location.
There you have it, two easy steps!  … Click here to book an experience

What is Active VR?

Active VR is much more immersive than the Standing or Seated VR experience. Active VR requires a VR Treadmill. Once firmly supported in the VR Treadmill your natural walking or running motions are translated into movement in VR.

What is Room Scale VR?

Room scale VR has you standing in a space that is at least 6′ x 6′ with a headset and VR accessories (wands, weapons, etc.) and allows you to freely move around in that space to explore your VR universe. Even though you are immersed in the virtual world, the VR system visually shows you the real-world boundaries, so you don’t run into a wall, or a physical obstacle.

Games and Experiences

Myrtle Beach Virtual Reality offers a variety of VR experiences that include Active VR and Room Scale VR.

Active VR experiences involve use of our VR treadmills. Room scale VR allows the participant to move around in an open area to enhance the immersiveness of the experience.

Active VR

Active VR

Room scale VR

Room Scale Virtual Reality

Once you select Active or Room Scale upon putting on your headset you will see almost like a Netflix platform upon which you can select games. You will literally have hundreds of games and experiences to choose from. No worries we will help you.While there are 100’s of VR games out there, our staff evaluates and selects high quality games that are entertaining and memorable.

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